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High School

Physical Address: Poole Street, Ysterplaat, Cape Town, South Africa, 7405
Telephone: 021 511 1912   Facsimile: 021 510 8482

Tuesday, 27 March 2018


From the Principal


Dear Parents


Staff Matters

We want to welcome our new Afrikaans teacher Miss Ebrahim. We thank her for applying at our institution and so contributing to the educational development of learners.

We bid farewell to Mr Maneveld at the end of April 2018, as he is retiring. We wish him well for the new chapter of his life. We thank him for his 15 years of service to Buren High school and to the community of Brooklyn/Ysterplaat.


School Uniform

  1. Because of the unpredictable weather in Cape Town your child can either wear summer or winter uniform, weather permitting. Please ensure that it is either full summer school uniform or full winter uniform.
  2. All dresses and blazers MUST have the right buttons on.
  3. Girls’ dresses MUST be the right length and must have a belt with a button on.
  4. Girls’ shoes with buckles MUST be worn correctly.
  5. NO GRAFFITI on school uniform, shoes, bags, blazers, dresses etc.
  6. Colouring of hair will not be allowed.
  7. ALL learners MUST have a dictionary, calculator and all the necessary stationery at school from the first day of school.
  8. ALL learners must have a blue school bag with a strong enforcement inside the bag.
  9. Sport and Life Orientation.  All learners must ensure that they have the correct gear and uniform to participate in sport and Life Orientation PT period.

School Fees

Our collection of school fees has increased. We thank all our parents that pay their school fees religiously. The textbook fees are R500 per learner.  All outstanding school fees will be handed over at the beginning of the new term. 



The National Minister of Basic Education has determined the Policy on Learner Attendance with the approval of the Council of Education Ministers in terms of section 3 of the National Education Policy Act of 1996, which appeared in Government Gazette No 33150, dated 4 May 2010.

If a learner is absent without a valid reason for three consecutive school days, the parents must be informed.  If, despite the intervention, a learner persists in being absent without a valid reason, the principal must

  1. charge the learner with breach of the school’s code of conduct for learners: or
  2. cancel the learner’s record in the class register if the learner is absent for at least 10 consecutive school days


Late coming

The school will continue with a zero tolerance approach in this regard. Please ensure that your child arrives at school BEFORE 07:55.


Disciplinary System

The school will continue with a disciplinary system for 2018.  Detention will take place Wednesday and Fridays. BUBBLEGUM and TIPP-EX will be FORBIDDEN from the first day.



The school has spent an enormous amount on textbooks this term - R105 000. Parent must ensure learners cover these Textbooks with plastic. Should these books come back damaged, the parents will be held financially liable for the replacement of these books. The cost will be R200 per textbook.

Learners Matters

Three of our learners (Dean Castles, Chantal Mbala and Marshall  Khatlane) will be departing to Los Angeles California on the 24 May 2018. They will be attending an International Space Development Conference. Thanks for the effort of  Mr Ndhluvo, Mr Engelbrecht, Professor and Dr Walker and myself.

These learners are fully sponsored for the trip.

Our Mathematics continues to be a challenge in our schools. We have received the Systemic results and  a lot needs to be done from both the educators and learners.

In our systemic results our learners are performing well above Provincial average.

Comprehension in language remains a national problem.

Grade 9e3 will be having extra mathematics classes during the holidays on the following days 2, 4, 5 April 2018 between 10 am – 12 noon. All grade 9’s are welcome. Thank you Mr Muntu.

We will be starting with EWEZA programme for mathematics next term.

Our Grade 9 learners have been entered into the South African Mathematics Foundation Olympiad.  Alexia Hanga, Nazlee Davids, Assani Yuma, Charlynne Reeves, Trinity Roberts and Kimberley Castles. CONGRATULATIONS to Alexia Hanga who progressed to the next round. The Grade 10 Learners that participated is:  Jason Kiewiets, Chantal Mbala, Ondela Dungulu and Kelebogile Matamai.  Jason Kiewiets also progressed to round 2.

Method of communication

School newsletters, school fee statements and other printed matter will be:

  • sent home with learners, or
  • sent via sms web (confirm with office on a regular basis regarding telephone numbers) or
  • email (please forward the office the correct email address)

Parent Meeting evening for all grades 10 April 2018 time 5 – 7 pm,


The new Governing Body Election takes place 27 March 2018

Thank you to the few parents that came for the first SGB election. It is highly appreciated.

Parents need to become more involved in the learners schooling.


Yours sincerely